Sunday, November 11


I've moved my blog and won't be posting here anymore!


Come on over!

Time for a change!

stay tuned.... there will be a change for the ol' blog tonight :)

Wednesday, October 17

A taste of fall

Last weekend Amanda and I went to Eugene to spend some long overdue time together. Here are the fall pics I took along the way, and at the pumpkin patch.

Saturday, October 6

What region is this meatball?

Proud of myself for opting to not go to the new Mexican place for dinner, I drove to the grocery store and bought ingredients for last nights meal. I made tortellini with meatballs and garlic bread. So when the hubby comes come from work he's dishing up his dinner...
He: "Dinner looks good - I'm surprised you cooked tonight"
She: "Ya, I was going to go out, but changed my mind"
He: "Did you eat already? I know you don't like to eat your own cooking"
She "Ya, I had a few bites.... then busted out the salsa & chips" (he knows me so well, I rarely eat anything I cook myself)
He: "So what region are these meatballs?"
She: "What REGION? What are you talking about?"
He: "Well what region? Where did they come from?"
She: "Are you high?" (what the hell is he talking about?) "They are from province de la Safeway" I said almost shrieking by now.
He: "Why are you freaking out? .... I just wanted to know what they are made from"
She: "Well why didn't you ask me that????? What's with this region crap? I don't have a clue what you are talking about when you talk to me"
He: "Oh you know what I mean, silly"
She" "UGH"
then in the background I can hear my son laughing "you guys are funny"

A new guage of space...

My mom loves to tell the story about when I was in elementary school, in math class were supposed to find a body part that closely resembled a unit of measurement, and measure the hallway around the school with it. Most people chose their foot, an arm length, etc, but not me... I chose the length of my index finger between the first and second knuckle, because when I bent it, it measured a perfect inch. So I crawled the hallway, on my hands and knees, measuring how many inches the school was. You'd think after all that effort I might remember that number, but I don't.

So in true "Tracy" spirit, I have found a new way way to measure my space... living space that is.
When I plug my vacuum into the bathroom outlet, I can vacuum the entire house, without having to unplug and relocate. (minus the kitchen, but there's no carpet in there anyway) Hmmm, I live in a 'one cord length' apartment. My next place will have to be bigger than that, lol.